Paul Collins(non-registered)
Ordered a photo I loved and it just came in the mail. Thanks Sylvia! I'm a happy camper and will be ordering more prints in the near future!!
Lesley Roy(non-registered)
I was hooked by your first photo Sylvia. I thought they were all wonderful. I'm going to check into using Zendolio. It seems like a good place to have a web site. Well, yours looks amazing anyway.
Tim Johnston(non-registered)
Very much enjoyed the photographs of rodeo action. What program did you use to design your website?
Lisa Mae Buchanan(non-registered)
SYLVIA... you are SO VERY talented and you did not miss a SINGLE moment of the action on the day of the winners announcement for the Scotiabank Game Changers Contest! Thank you so very much for sharing your pictures with us. I LOVED being able to share with the Foundation, my friends and family. I really like the pictures of the cheerleaders and the action shots of the the Esk`s! And I cannot BELIEVE that you caught the EXACT moment when the announcement was made too!

Thank you very much for everything. It was AWESOME to meet you and Brian the night of the game and I hope that you will have a wonderful weekend!

Take care...

Lisa Mae Buchanan
Lisa & Joseph(non-registered)
We can't thank you enough Sylvia for taking Real Estate Photo Shots of our home, they look amazing.
Great shots of Tuffy EXCELLENT JOB wonderful website...keep up the gresat work!
Hugh Lee(non-registered)
My gosh Sylvia how long have you had this site? Great job on it, with some of your best work!
Fran Wandler(non-registered)
Fantastic, wonderful work
Brent Bereska(non-registered)
Congratulations on a fantastic website Sylvia. You have some beautiful photos that you have showcased here.
Faye Cook(non-registered)
What gorgeous photos. You have a wonderful talent and so nice of you to share it with everyone. Keep up the good work. Love the baby owls and the Eagle
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